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Our team assist a variety of clients with property development, from those building for the very first time to knowledgeable property investors, to experienced developers. We are proud that after completing a project with Ashcroft Homes, many of our clients choose to partner with us again.  Meet a few of the great people we’ve recently helped.

Experienced Developer, Minimises Risks and Maximises Profits.

Vashoka Leng is an experienced property investor and property developer who first started working with Ashcroft Homes in 2017. Since then, Vashoka has completed five development projects with Ashcroft, with more in the pipeline!

Typically, Vashoka purchases a residential home which has a large front or rear garden on which a new home can be added. Following the construction of the new dwelling, the property is subdivided, and the new home is sold. The original home is either sold or added to Vashoka’s rental portfolio.

With five projects under his belt, Vashoka has a great understanding of what properties offer strong development opportunities. However, as no two sites are ever the same, he is guided by Ashcroft’s experienced team, working closely with Ashcroft Property Development Consultant Phil MacEwen.

Vashoka knows that to maximise the financial returns from developing property, it’s critical to minimise risks and have the project completed as soon as possible.  It’s for this reason, that despite being an experienced developer, he chooses to work with Ashcroft Homes rather than engaging contractors directly.

“Ashcroft Homes have a great set of established plans that are well suited to smaller sites. The team are familiar with their plans and they can get the houses built quickly and to a very high standard. Rather than dealing with lots of different suppliers and companies I only have to deal with one. And as they work so quickly, I can get the new house on the market faster which is really important for cashflow.”

The latest project involved the purchase of a 609 m2 site in Avondale.
The site contained a 3-bedroom home with a large rear garden which was an ideal size for Ashcroft’s 4-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom Camden design.  Based on his previous property experience, Vashoka always includes a number of upgrades in his new build projects, helping the homes to achieve the maximum sale price.  In this build, he opted for upgrades to the kitchen, bathrooms and garaging, along with extending the tiled areas, upgrading the feature lighting, adding exterior sensor lighting and installing an alarm. These upgrades added an extra layer of sophistication to an already popular design.

Vashoka was delighted with how quickly Ashcroft were able to complete this new build project and he was thrilled with the price for which it sold.

“The team at Ashcroft are fantastic and I know they are always working in my best interests. I have been working with them for many years and I’m proud to say that every project has been a success. I look forward to working with Ashcroft for many more projects in the future.”

Vashoka Leng

Turning Grass into Gold!

Tom Tang & his wife Li Zhang had owned a large family home in Epsom for many years. They loved their home and the location. But once their children had grown, the garden was no longer getting the use it once did. The couple contemplated selling but were reluctant to move from the home they’d treasured. Instead, Tom and Li considered how they could keep their home while putting the land to better use. Reducing the size of the grounds would reduce the time they needed to spend maintaining the gardens and allow them to realise a sizable portion of their original equity. Subdivision seemed a logical option.

The simplest option would be to simply subdivide the land and sell the bare section. However, Tom and Li recognised that by doing this, they’d not only reduce their profit opportunity, but they’d also have little control over what would be built next door. Their better option was to choose the design of the new home, organise the build and subdivision and sell it once completed.

For a couple who had never built before, they were conscious that, for them, this would be unchartered territory and they’d need to choose their partner wisely. High on their selection list was finding a team who could manage all aspects of the development from the initial planning, gaining consents to the construction and then managing the subdivision.

Tom and Li also decided they’d prefer to build a home based on an established design; a plan that had been built numerous times before. This would reduce their risk and allow the project to be completed faster. And of course, they also wanted to build a home that they knew would look great, and stand the test of time, since they’d be living right next door!

It was these factors that led them to partnering with Ashcroft Homes and working with Ashcroft Property Development Consultant, Nathan Wiley. After reviewing the site, Nathan recommended Tom and Li add an Ashcroft Luton design to the rear of the site.

Once complete, the newly constructed home was offered for sale and sold promptly. The couple continue to live in their original home and have enjoyed a healthy return from the development. They were so happy with the outcome of their first project with Ashcroft Homes, that they are currently looking for land to do another development!


“This was our first time building a home and we would like to say we are very happy with how Ashcroft Homes handled the entire process. From the subdivision to construction, the entire process was stress free with a professional team who would always keep us up to date.”
Tom Tang and Li Zhang

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Landlord multiplies rental income and expands future possibilities

Mike and Sonya owned a rental property in Howick. The property comprised a three-bedroom home and one-bedroom minor dwelling, together on 1,000m2. While the property was providing the couple with a regular rental income, Mike and Sonya knew that with a section of this size, in such a popular Auckland location, the property’s true earning potential was likely to be considerably larger.

Mike and Sonya took their time investigating possible build partner options. They researched online and consulted with others on which build companies may be worth approaching. They’d heard the name ‘Ashcroft Homes’ mentioned a few times so when they saw Ashcroft had a stand at the Auckland Home Show, they called in to meet the team.

It was there that Mike and Sonya asked Ashcroft Homes Property Consultant, Josh Healey to consider their property’s development potential. After reviewing the site, Josh suggested the couple consider knocking down the larger home while retaining the smaller dwelling.  Under this scenario, Ashcroft could replace the one larger home with three brand new homes and these, together with the existing smaller home, would allow the property to be subdivided into four new titles. And the smaller, existing dwelling could continue to earn rental income throughout the property’s development.

Josh suggested two 3-bedroom Lutons be added to the site (in a duplex configuration) along with a four-bedroom Belford.  This would dramatically increase the rental income from the property and with each home being on an individual title would provide plenty of options for the future. Mike and Sonya could retain all four homes or sell one, or more as it suited him. The couple appreciated that this configuration would provide excellent rental yield and the separate titles would provide future flexibility while also reducing the overall project risk.

Mike and Sonya were impressed with Ashcroft’s affordable build costs and efficient construction timelines. The fact that Ashcroft would manage all aspects of the development from consents to construction to subdivision was the deciding factor in their decision to appoint.

Ashcroft Homes completed the project and handed over the keys in June 2020.

“Ashcroft made the process so easy, we could carry on with our lives knowing that the building process was continuing. They were open to our ideas and made suggestions that were in line with our vision. Houses completed, tenants in, job well done.  We have recommended Ashcroft to others and would happily use them again for any future projects.”
Mike and Sonya

“Excellent profits and a really enjoyable process!”

With the increasing demand for housing in Auckland, June and her husband Paul decided it was an ideal time to subdivide and build on land they owned to boost their retirement savings. Having previously built a home themselves, June and Paul knew that while building could deliver great financial returns, it could also be a complex and challenging process. They decided if they were going to go ahead with another new build project, they’d partner with a company who could manage all aspects from beginning to end, delivering a quality home with strong resale value and good margins.

To get a better understanding of the opportunities and obstacles of developing property, June attended an Ashcroft Homes Information Seminar where she met Ashcroft Property Development Consultant Josh Healey.  Josh reviewed June’s site and considered her resale and margin goals, concluding that the 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, 2 living area, Langstone Plus design would be ideal. June and Paul loved the proposed Langstone Plus design and were impressed that Ashcroft offered a fixed build price and a guaranteed completion date as standard in every contract.

Construction of the home got underway in May 2019.  With their prior building experience, June and Paul were thrilled to find, that this time around, their own project workload was significantly reduced.  With Ashcroft as their build partner, June and Paul no longer had to manage every aspect of the construction or co-ordinate all the necessary tradesmen, suppliers, and council inspections.

June even found choosing the home’s interior design options a breeze, with Ashcroft’s selection of pre-designed colour boards. June tells us she really enjoyed the Ashcroft build process and the weekly construction updates which kept her fully informed throughout.

Once on the market, the home attracted a lot of buyer interest, selling promptly and at a price that far exceeded June and Paul’s initial expectations.

“Ashcroft Homes have an amazing group of people working for them who go that extra mile and help with the whole process from conception to turning the key in the door. These are ‘REAL’ people, everyone we spoke and worked with have made a very important build run like clockwork – communication has been key and each step has been very open – would build again with Ashcroft Homes in a heartbeat”.
June and Paul


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