Our House Plans

Ashcroft Homes concise range of house plans make it easy for you to choose a design and floorplan for your new home, investment property or multi-unit development.

Our designs have been created to specifically meet the demands of the Auckland market for smarter, more affordable homes for smaller sections. Our latest range of houses have been designed to offer maximum living on the smallest of footprints, and many can even be joined to form duplex or terraced housing.

You can join different designs from our Duplex/Terraced House range to offer a multitude of solutions. Smarter designs that really optimise your land, and maximise your return on investment. Our specialised team can help you discover the true potential of your land. Get in touch today.

View our range of house plans

Three Storey Homes

Ashcroft Homes have three storey standard plans, ready to go. Specifically designed with the new MDRS rules in mind, these plans make great use of the land they occupy.

Duplex/Terraced House Potential Plans

 Each of these homes can be joined with another to form duplex, and in some cases, even terraced housing. Mix and match designs to make the very best use of your land.

Stand Alone Plans

Ashcroft has a comprehensive range of stand alone home plans designed to suit a variety of sites. Contact an Ashcroft Property Development Consultant to learn which plans will work best on your land.