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Building Smarter with Ashcroft.

Looking for Builders in Auckland? Make a smart choice!

New Homes are usually the first or last resort for people when looking for somewhere for themselves, their families, or for tenants to live in. With so many scare stories about budget over-runs and poor project management it’s not surprising man people are disillusioned before they begin looking for builders in Auckland.

Yet building a new home can be a painless and exciting answer to getting everything you want from your next house. At Ashcroft Homes, we’ve made the process easier to build in Auckland meaning less hassle for you. We’ve also kept the costs down, meaning building can be a cost effective way into your next home and in most case not only affordable but also profitable – the total cost is most likely to be less than the end value. This is why many property investors choose to build with Ashcroft Homes.

What makes building with Ashcroft Homes smarter?

We understand that people have different needs when it comes to building. Some are looking to build a new family home on a newly purchased section. Others are looking to add a second dwelling to their existing land, and there are those building with investment top of mind, to either onsell or tenant.

Whether this is your first time building a home, or you’re an experienced investment property builder, the team at Ashcroft Homes are here to guide you through the entire build process. We’ll take the time to work with you on colour schemes, fitouts and finishes to ensure your new home or investment property delivers to your needs.

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    Ashcroft Homes are easier to choose

    House plans can be confusing and overwhelming to look at when you are building for the first time. You may know about some features you desire, but beyond that require some guidance. We have created a concise range of plans that caters to the needs of most home builders and property investors. Our complete range offers distinct differences in plan size for those with smaller sections or budget, up to the needs of larger families or people wanting an executive home.

  • Ashcroft Homes are easier to build

    Our build teams are very familiar with our collection of architecturally designed house plans and are able to deliver excellent construction quality in a faster time frame, without the potential errors and cost overruns that come from a bespoke build project. No one is trialing or learning about new techniques or materials on your homes, so we can easily predict with accuracy the time it will take to complete your home and give you the key to let you move in.

    Our established relationships with councils & suppliers and their experience with our range means that delays at inspection time are greatly reduced – delivering your house faster, and with less stress.

  • Ashcroft Homes are easier to budget

    Every new home builder knows the importance of budgets and we pride ourselves on delivering on time and on budget. Prior to building with you, we’ll inspect your land and advise the solution options we think are best for your site.

  • Smarter Builders in Auckland

    We’re Auckland based and our teams cover the entire greater Auckland area. The size of our organisation offers economies of scale for all our customers which results in pricing that is more competitive than can be achieved by builders working alone. Our unique Project Management System ensures we deliver on time and on budget – making Ashcroft Homes a smarter choice for any one looking to build a new home.



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