Quality Homes: Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance During Construction

Quality is paramount to us and is taken very seriously. We expect to set the standards in the industry in New Zealand and accept nothing but the highest level of quality in our homes.

Quality assurance is managed through a three stage system:

1. Subcontractors

Each subcontractor manages their own quality control through their own internal systems which Ashcroft Homes monitor and audit.

2. Project Managers

The Project manager makes regular site visits to inspect the works and  once the subcontractor has completed a part of the works and completed their own quality  check, the project manager goes their own checklist to ensure nothing has been  missed and that it meets our standards.

3. Quality Assurance Auditor

An independent quality assurance auditor inspects the works at two stages during the build – firstly at closed in stage, and secondly at completion. The first audit is intended to be timed at the stage of the works where the scaffold is still up and framing is still exposed inside. This means the inspector can check all external cladding, roof, windows and flashings, and also inspect the framing and structure of the houses before they are covered with interior linings. The second audit is an overall quality check of the completed homes and goes into more detail on finishing such as paintwork, and that doors open and close properly.

Quality Assurance Post Construction

We know that our responsibilities as a housing company are not over as soon as we hand  over the keys. New houses undergo a settling in period and will all behave slightly  differently. There are also occasions where minor adjustments to doors or door hardware  may be needed. Rather than wait for clients to call us if there are problems we are proactive in this post construction quality management with scheduled reviews of each of your new homes.

6 week review

You, or your tenants, have had some time living in your new home and will now know it well. The house has a settling in period and this is perfectly normal. You may be unsure on the operation of  certain parts of your home for example appliances.

The intention of this six week contact is to discuss any queries and note any settling should it have occurred, and provide any further information that is needed. This will be initiated with a phone call to see if you have any issues or questions, and followed up with a visit to  the house if required. Anything requiring immediate attention will be resolved then, but otherwise any issues noted for the six month review.

6 month review

The house has now had a chance to fully settle and we are now able to do a full review. This six month check is a more detailed walk through the house to identify any maintenance that is needed. In most cases this will be nothing, but occasionally some minor settling may need to be remedied. We will make detailed notes of any areas that do need attention and then arrange for those works to be completed.

Master Build 10 Year Guarantee

In addition, all Ashcroft Homes come with a Master Build 10 Year Guarantee. This independent guarantee helps to safeguard your investment should anything go wrong.

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