Frequently Asked Questions

Building a new home or investment
property in Auckland:
your questions answered

Construction should have a language all of its own. To make it easier, we’ve included a glossary of common terms you’ll need to know when building your new home or investment property, and answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is included in the price?

The advertised price includes the house itself, but excludes the cost of land, site and subdivision work, resource and building consent fees, services to the boundary and Council development contributions. All aspects of the construction of your new home including full project management from the foundations through to floor coverings are included. Contact us for a full specification.

What is the cost of the extras for a turnkey package?

The cost of the additions are site dependent and consequently are the reason these additional components are not included in the base advertised price. Once we have better knowledge of your site and prepared the scheme plans we will be able to advise you of the additional costs involved.

Is GST included?

Yes, GST is included in the list prices.

Why is the build per square metre for multi-unit homes more expensive than the rate for a stand-alone home?

A lot of construction costs are similar regardless of the size of the house. While a house may be smaller, it still needs a kitchen, bathrooms, services, and a building consent, and the same number of tradespeople to complete. Also relevant is the size of the garage, as the construction cost of a garage is less than living space. The Windsor plan has a kitchen and two bathrooms in 74m2 of living space with no garage, so when the total cost to build is divided by its area, the rate per square meter is higher.

Can I amend the design to suit my needs, budget or section?

The Ashcroft model is based on efficiency and optimisation of designs and the construction process. Minor non-structural changes are possible at additional cost.

Can I have input into the interiors, kitchens, colours etc?

Absolutely, this is one of the fun parts in the process. You can choose your own colours or select from one of the professionally designed colour schemes, that Ashcroft has had developed with specialist interior designers. We’ll make a time to meet with you and go through all the options.

Can Ashcroft help me to find a suitable section to build on?

From time to time, Ashcroft Homes have suitable sections available as part of their House and Land packages. Alternatively, we suggest you contact real estate agents in the areas that you’d like to build and they may be able to assist.  Once you have found a section, we will be happy to advise on it’s build potential – just get in touch.

What is the minimum section size I need, in order to be able to build and subdivide?

The simple answer, is there is no minimum. The Unitary Plan has been written in a manner where, provided you can fit a dwelling and associated outdoor living, outlook, parking and access, you can then subdivide around that property. It’s not uncommon for lots to be less than 100m2 for townhouse developments. 

Can I develop terraced housing in a Mixed Suburban or a Mixed Urban Housing zone?

Yes, it’s possible.

The Mixed Housing Suburban and Urban zones generally allow development up to two storeys and three storeys respectively, subject to the various development controls or “zone standards”. Any new development is required to demonstrate compliance with these controls, or be authorised by an approved resource consent. The development controls include things like the provision of a 6m x 4m outlook space for each dwelling, outdoor living areas, minimum landscaping areas and as well, controls such as maximum building coverages, maximum building heights etc.

Our highly qualified, in-house team of specialist Planners have secured consents for terraced housing developments in Mixed Housing Suburban, Mixed Housing Urban, and Terraced Housing and Apartment Building zones.


When building multi-unit developments, do you need to provide off-street parking for each individual unit?

This will depend on the zoning. When operating within a Terraced Housing and Apartment Building zone, there is no requirement for offstreet parking. However within the Mixed Housing zones, parking is a requirement.  Ashcroft’s range of standard plan terraced housing include options with garaging like the Dartford and without, like the Windsor.

Do Ashcroft build anywhere in NZ?

Currently we specialise only in the greater Auckland area – that’s from Pokeno to Orewa. All projects within 30km of our office will be at the list prices indicated, for any locations further than 30km from us please discuss with one of our Property Development Consultants.

How long will my entire project take to complete?

The process of initial investigations, resource and building consent approvals, and site preparation can take time.  Many different suppliers and advisors are usually involved in these initial phases and they usually work to their own timelines juggling many different client projects along with yours. For this reason, it’s difficult for any building company to provide you with firm project completion dates or timelines, from the very outset. However, once the consents are granted and the siteworks are complete, the remaining construction works will usually fall totally within the builder’s management and it’s at this point that reliable, and often guaranteed, completion dates can be provided.

How long will the build take to complete?

The construction period is 20 weeks for a stand alone house once the concrete slab is poured. Completion times for duplex and terraced house developments vary and your Ashcroft Home’s Property Development Consultant will be able to provide you with more information.

Can I engage my own contractors, family, or friends to help with some elements of the build?

For Ashcroft Homes to offer the competitive build pricing that we do, we must manage all aspects of the construction. By having full control of all works relating to the build through to obtaining the Code Compliance Certificate, Ashcroft can work most efficiently, managing supply partners and contractors that are known to us, all of whom have been selected based on prior performance. These are partners whose work ethics and workmanship we trust, and for whom we’re happy to manage, cover and take liability for. We are unable to offer the same level of pricing or build guarantees where we are asked to work with contractors who have not been chosen and engaged directly by Ashcroft Homes.

Do you provide a builders guarantee?

Along with our own Ashcroft 10 Year Build Guarantee, we also offer an independent Master Build 10 Year Guarantee included in the price. Find out more here.

Does Ashcroft help with financial and legal services?

We can assist with finance but prefer that clients find their own professionals for any legal, accounting, and valuation work to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Why build with Ashcroft Homes?

Ashcroft Homes is a family led business which has been operating since 2007. Our team of experienced architects, project managers, builders and contractors are led by our expert, customer focussed managerial team. Our goal is to build quality homes as cost effectively as possible for all our clients while ensuring the process of building is enjoyable too. We are not part of a franchise operation and consequently we do not need to cover any franchise fees or commissions within our pricing. We are extremely proud that many of our Ashcroft customers choose to build with us time and time again.

Can you help me understand the definitions of terms used in the building industry?

You’ll find a helpful glossary of building terms here.