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About Us

Our goal is to build smarter homes and investment properties. Through clever design and sound proven processes we can deliver exceptional quality homes that make the very best use of your site, maximising the living spaces while keeping construction costs to an absolute minimum.

Our architectural team have designed a collection of smart house designs that are extremely cost effective to build, yet make the very best use of the land they occupy. Our experienced team, together with our proven build processes and Quality Assurance program will ensure your new home or investment property is built promptly and to the highest standard with the minimum of fuss and stress. We are extremely proud that many of our Ashcroft customers choose to build with us time and time again.


Smarter New Home Builders in Auckland

With land in Auckland scarce and at a premium, the traditional approach to single-level homes of many NZ building companies no longer fits well into Auckland’s unique geography and density. At Ashcroft we recognised that two-storey homes make the best use of the smaller sites that are more readily available today.

We have developed a concise range of plans have been expertly engineered, enabling us to build quality two-storey homes of solid brick and tile construction while keeping construction costs to a minimum. Something that many other Auckland builders struggle to deliver.

Experienced Tight Knit Team

Ashcroft Homes is a privately run family business which focusses on the Auckland market only.

The management team is experienced, knowledgable and customer focussed. We strive to keep our pricing as cost effective as possible for our clients. We are not part of a franchise operation and and consequently there are no franchise fees or commissions built into our pricing. In addition , our defined range of house plans means that our construction team know the intricacies of every plan we build and are able to construct you new house quickly and efficiently.

Our Approach

We believe building a home should be an exciting and stress-free process. And we believe the secret to this is simply great communication – explaining to you upfront about what you can expect during each phase of the build and following through on that promise. Whether you are an investor, or building a home for yourself, we want you to feel in control of your project. And we want the building of your new home to be an enjoyable and exciting project, certainly not one to give you sleepless nights.

Ashcroft Homes – the smarter new home builders in Auckland

Aschcroft Homes LogoWhy a humming bird?

People who haven’t worked with us before are keen to understand the values at the heart of our company and why we chose to represent them in a humming bird. Although it isn’t a native bird of New Zealand, the humming bird reflects the understanding we have of our multi-cultural society as it is well-known and respected for being a swift, hard working & adaptable bird that is the only one of its kind.

Some interesting facts about humming birds
  • Humming birds are adaptable – they are able to hover, and are the only bird species to fly upside-down. During hibernation they are able to lower their heart-rate to 1/15th of normal rate, increasing their ability to remain strong and survive through harsh conditions – just like our homes!
  • Humming birds are incredibly smart – in fact they have the largest brain in the bird world in proportion to body size.
  • Humming birds are swift – able to travel great distances tirelessly because of their unique design.
  • They are clear and make a unique sound during flight – ensuring good communication with others.
  • They are very careful about where they will build their nests, choosing the perfect location and ensuring they have adequate supplies available before they start.
  • They are excellent planners as nest builders and ensure they have chosen the right spot as well as positioning the nest to withstand storms.
  • The female will test the strength of a prospective nest site by repeatedly landing on it and checking whether the place leaves her with shelter from wind, rain and sun – ensuring the perfect environment in which to raise her family.
  • They are also one of the fastest birds to build a solid nest – working tirelessly for about 4hrs per day over 5-7 days and creating the strongest and most comfortable nest available during this time.
  • Often humming bird nests are so strong that they are able to re-use them again the following year (just like our homes!)






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