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Advice for first home builders

Building for the first time can be a daunting experience, there are so many things to think about and you might be unsure of the questions you need to ask. Here are some tips on what to think about when you build your first home:

1. Planning for the future : is this an investment home or a family home?

Whilst all Ashcroft homes are built with a strong investment in mind, you will want to  consider what finishes you want in the home – whether these will reflect your personal style  or whether they need to be chosen with tenants in mind who may not care for the home  quite like you would.

2. The land – do you have land available now and is it okay to build on?

This question can delay the building process substantially, with people spending a long time looking for the perfect section for their home. Another way to consider land is to buy land  with an older home on it and replace with a new home, or to purchase a home-and-land  package, you just need to choose your plan!


You could also consider subdividing your current land, which can free up equity in your property.

3. The budget

You may think that because you are building a home you can really get what you want within your budget, perhaps through making the odd compromise here and there. However,  people often underestimate what their needs would cost and can be disappointed about  how far their budget will extend. Once you have a budget, speak to us and we can help you  work out exactly what you can afford straight away. Don’t forget that if this is your first  home AND you are a first time builder, you may quality for a subsidy from the government  towards the cost of your home. To find out more, click here.

4. The type of house

At this point you know how much you can afford –the question is what does that get you in  a house? You will also want to consider whether your family is growing or the kind of  tenants you want to have in the home and therefore how many bedrooms you may want  now, or in the future. Do you need additional living areas to give families some space from  each other, or do you want open plan? Understanding how you plan to live in the home is  key to working out which plan best suits your needs.

5. The finishes and the fixtures

Until this point you may not have given too much thought to how your home will look from the outside and in – but getting a good impression of the finished home helps you through these decision making processes. Ashcroft Homes have a colour chart to show you how the tiles and bricks will work on the finished home and we can take you through other houses in progress to see what final finishes would look like on your new home.

The process

As a first home builder you may be unsure about the process. We have outlined a 10 step  process to explain this here.




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