Site Feasibility Evaluation

Find out if your property is suitable to develop or subdivide with a FREE Site Evaluation Report from Ashcroft Homes

The changes proposed by the government’s new Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS) legislation could mean even greater development options for Auckland property owners. Ashcroft Homes are the Unitary Plan specialists and have a comprehensive understanding of the changes being proposed.

Discover the likely development potential of your site under the proposed regulations.

  • Find out how your property may be developed with a FREE Site Evaluation Report from Ashcroft Homes.
  • With the increasing demand for housing in Auckland, and the changes proposed by MDRS and the Auckland Unitary Plan, there now exists great opportunities for property owners looking to add new housing.
  • Where once you may have been able to build one or two new homes, you may now be surprised to find you could be building three, four or more!
  • Ashcroft Homes have designed a range of houses, specifically with MDRS and the Auckland Unitary Plan in mind. These designs make the very best use of the land they occupy. It’s this smarter thinking, that offers significantly greater options for Auckland landowners.

Getting the right information before you start is key.

  • Before embarking on the development of any property, a prudent first step is to have your site evaluated so you can understand the likely development options available for your property.  Ashcroft currently offers a no-cost, no-obligation site evaluation service for Auckland landowners who have land that is suitable for building and are considering building an Ashcroft home.
  • Our Site Evaluation Report can confirm the likely development potential of your property under the newly proposed MDRS regulations.  And if your property looks feasible for development, our specialists can recommend the Ashcroft Homes’ build option that best suits your property development goal. Once appointed, our inhouse specialist teams can guide you through the entire planning, subdivision and construction process.
  • It’s important to note that for a small number of Auckland properties, the development potential is still under review by Council. If the likely development potential for your land is not clear, Ashcroft will notify you, and will schedule a call back with you once Council has confirmed the zoning and restrictions for your site.

You no longer need to be an experienced property developer to reap the true potential of your land!

From stand-alone homes to multi-unit developments,
our plans can make the very most of your site.

Windsor 3D model
The Windsor , one of a number of terraced house designs on offer from Ashcroft Homes.
Many Ashcroft Homes designs can be added together to form duplex structures like this Camden and Oxford .
The Highgate offers spacious, modern living set over three levels and can be built as a stand-alone home or be joined to form duplex or terraced housing.

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Book your FREE Ashcroft Site Evaluation

Discover the likely development potential of your property under the proposed regulations with a Free Site Evaluation from Ashcroft Homes

  • Ashcroft Homes will undertake an initial review of one Auckland project address and phone you to discuss your project plans.
  • Following that phone call and confirmation that your land is suitable for development, Ashcroft Homes will provide a report, advising what might work on your land based on your project goals.
  • We may also prepare a draft scheme plan showing how one or more Ashcroft Homes could potentially fit on your site.
  • We’ll highlight any areas of concern that will require further investigation, for example the accessibility of the site to storm water and if the site is prone to flooding.
  • We will confirm any compliance requirements as set by the Auckland Council.
Living room

Points to note

Once registered, your voucher will be valid for 6 months. Evaluations are conducted on sections within the greater Auckland area that are suitable for development. Ashcroft Homes designs are best suited to sections that are relatively flat. The Ashcroft team will conduct their initial evaluation using a suite of on-line tools – they do not need to physically visit your site. If your land is suitable for development, Ashcroft Property Development Consultant will phone you to discuss your land and your project goals.  If agreed, Ashcroft Homes will then prepare a Site Evaluation Report for your property.  Our Ashcroft Property Development Consultant will then meet with you, in our Eden Terrace office, to take you through the report.

All assistance provided will be made in good faith to the best of our ability, however you should seek professional advice before committing to any purchase or investment in the development of any property.

Find out what you could build
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Feasibility Assessment take?

We will make contact within 48 hours confirming that we have received your request and we will then allocate a Property Development Consultant to complete your Site Feasibility investigation. Firstly an Ashcroft Property Development Consultant (PDC) will phone you to discuss your project. If your land and project goals are suitable, the PDC will then start work on your report. The assessment will be undertaken remotely and on average takes approximately 7-10 business days to complete. The PDC will then arrange a time with you to meet in our Eden Terrace offices to take you through the findings.

What is the Auckland Unitary Plan?

The Auckland Unitary Plan is the blueprint for Auckland’s future building development and replaces older legislation around what types of homes can be built on different land zones in Auckland. The plan which was developed in 2013 now allows for more intensive housing developments to be built in some areas of the city and replaces inconsistencies across 8 district councils to provide a global planning framework for Auckland’s merged super city.

What actually is MDRS?

The government’s Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS) are part of the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021. The goal is to enable greater housing supply. The MDRS will allow three homes of up to three storeys to be built on most residential sites without a resource consent. In addition, housing of five to six storeys may be possible in and around urban centres and rapid transit stops.

Will there be additional charges for this report?

The Site Feasibility Report is free and there will be no additional charges for the Feasibility Report. However, the report recommendations are made in good faith and using the best available knowledge and ability. The report findings are not a guarantee of building feasibility and may not be able to give a complete picture of the costs of building without additional tests or further investigation. Should further investigation be required that may incur additional costs, these costs will be agreed in advance with the property owner prior to commencement.

Will I be able to learn about the full cost of building on my section?

Yes, should you wish to proceed to the next stage with Ashcroft Homes you will be asked to complete a Developed Concept Stage form (DCS). This next stage enables Ashcroft to work much more closely with you to investigate in more detail the homes that you would like to build, associated site issues and costs. Should you wish to find out more about this process please call 0800 377 588 and one of our Property Development Consultants would be happy to assist.

Do you assess sites outside of Auckland?

No sorry, not at this time. All free feasibility investigations are only valid in the greater Auckland area.

Will you provide a Site Report if my land is not suitable to develop?

Sorry, no, we do not provide Site Evaluation Reports on land that is not suitable for building an Ashcroft home.

I am considering building with another company, can I still get a Free Site Evaluation Report?

No, our reports are in high demand and are only available to those landowners who are seriously considering building an Ashcroft home on their property.

Our Disclaimer

Any advice, recommendations, ideas, cost indications (relating to development or values) contained in the evaluation or otherwise communicated should not be treated as definitive, and should be verified by the client via relevant professionals before making any financial commitment. Ashcroft Homes accepts no liability for advice given other than specifically relating to a build or subdivisions contract should it be entered into.

What Ashcroft Homes customers say about us

  • T Eason
    We used Ashcroft to subdivide and build a new house on our section in Auckland. They have been fantastic! It was the first time we have done this and are really happy with how it all went. The team explained each part of process thoroughly and they don't mind answering my multiple questions. They are very good value and I feel provided us with a high spec and good looking house. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build in future.
    T Eason
  • C Nguyen
    We were thrilled with the quality inspection that the Ashcroft team carried out after handover. The Ashcroft Maintenance Manager did a very thorough inspection, and has an eye for details. This level of attention, post build, was excellent.
    C Nguyen
  • J Mills
    Shane and I are glad that we chose to partner with Ashcroft Homes, the process was straight forward and we felt supported the whole way. The quality of the build is so good that our home is now being entered into the Master Builder House of Year competition. We would have no hesitation recommending Ashcroft Homes to others and would happily build with them again. We love our new home!
    J Mills
  • The Fouche's
    Thank you for building our beautiful first home. We have really enjoyed the build process with Ashcroft and we appreciated the weekly updates! We're stoked with the look and quality of the finished house and will recommend you to others.
    The Fouche's
  • I Morrow
    The thing that surprised me most about Ashcroft Homes is how the staff really care about the success of my project, and how they look for ways to improve my profits. It’s not just my Property Development Consultant, it’s all the staff. I no longer feel like it’s just me running the project -  it definitely feels like there’s now a big team of us working together to get the very best outcome.
    I Morrow
  • Alessandro Meda
    We really liked working with our Ashcroft Property Development Consultant. They were really transparent and explained the process clearly.  I really liked that we received regular updates and how the team worked really hard to get my building consent approval through as quickly as possible.
    Alessandro Meda
  • P Sampson
    Being a builder myself who is fussy, quality was key for me. This was a smooth build without any major surprises. I enjoyed partnering with Ashcroft to produce a build we're all proud of.
    P Sampson
  • Chau & Stella
    Today was a great day for us, with handover of two beautifully constructed Kingstons. We are humbled by the grand looks and impressed with the quality of work. We waited for 20 years before deciding to build and Ashcroft was the right choice. To all the staff members at Ashcroft who have worked hard behind the scene, we would like to say thank you very much for your contribution towards the success of this project.
    Chau & Stella
  • M Perera
    Ashcroft Homes has been my best option when it came to building my house. They had the perfect plan to fit my section and budget, briefed me on the full process and kept me updated throughout. The team at Ashcroft Homes is professional, prompt and very supportive. Looked after me from the very 1st phone call to receiving keys to my new house + a further 10 years guarantee! The build quality and finish is excellent and they are always polite and prompt for any maintenance needs even after the build has completed. I am thrilled I am in safe hands and will definitely choose Ashcroft Homes if I am building another house. I highly recommend Ashcroft Homes to anyone!
    M Perera
  • Fea and Theresa
    The team at Ashcroft made us feel important and valued. No question was a silly question and they were always approachable with anything. We were super blessed to appoint Ashcroft and have right team help us with our building journey
    Fea and Theresa
  • Paul & Raquela
    Ashcroft Homes responded very quickly and helped us with everything we needed. We loved the consultations about colour and other choices. The pre-selected schemes made it easy and they looked great. We'd sum up our overall experience with Ashcroft, as straightforward and enjoyable!  
    Paul & Raquela
  • I Fraser
    I wanted to learn more about property development so went along to a free seminar which they hosted. I was really impressed with their team and depth of knowledge. I learned some new aspects of development and it's really got me thinking about my first property development. I'm also impressed with their new ideas for housing solutions in Auckland. We're running out of decent space, yet these guys have new ideas. Worth heading along for the evening yourself.
    I Fraser
  • Rui & Benedict
    Whenever we had a subdivision question, big or small, the subdivision team were able to answer with great details, references or even drawings. Quite simply, they helped us to understand the intricacies and the jargon!
    Rui & Benedict
  • J & M Kommunuri
    We really love our family home; both its layout and the general feel of it. The people at Ashcroft Homes are honest, reliable and very professional. The construction went well and according to the plan. Dealing with Ashcroft Homes has really been a nice experience. I have already recommended Ashcroft Homes to my colleague at work.
    J & M Kommunuri
  • Douglas Kyle
    Ashcroft Homes were very helpful and nothing was a problem for them. They made sure we all worked together as one big team – everyone was very flexible. In the end nothing went wrong at all, it was a brilliant build. I would definitely recommend Ashcroft Homes to our family and friends.
    Douglas Kyle
  • Maria Rigby and Craig Earsman
    We found Ashcroft Homes to be awesome, right from the word go. They supported us through the entire build process, always taking time to explain what they were doing and why. They’re honest and reliable, and you can trust they’ll follow through on their word. We think Ashcroft Homes build very good quality homes for a lot less than their competitors. We’re so happy with the finished product and we recommended them to friends who are now also building with Ashcroft. If we were ever in a position to build again, Ashcroft would be the first ones we would call!Thanks so much for everything, we love our house so much!
    Maria Rigby and Craig Earsman