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Find out if your property is suitable to develop or subdivide with a FREE Site Evaluation Report from Ashcroft Homes

With the increasing demand for housing in Auckland, and the changes brought about by the Auckland Unitary Plan, there now exists great opportunities for property owners looking to add new housing.

Where once you may have been able to build one or two new homes, you may now be surprised to find you can build three or four!
Ashcroft Homes have designed a range of houses, specifically with the Auckland Unitary Plan in mind. These new designs make the very best use of the land they occupy. It’s this smarter thinking, that offers significantly greater returns for Auckland landowners.

Getting the right information before you start is key.

Before embarking on the development of any property, a prudent first step is to have your site evaluated so you can understand all of the build options available to you.  Ashcroft currently offers a no-cost, no-obligation site evaluation service for Auckland landowners.  Our Site Feasibility Report will confirm the feasibility of building on your site and outline the Ashcroft Home build options available to you. Once appointed, our inhouse specialist teams can guide you through the entire planning, subdivision and construction process.

You no longer need to be an experienced property developer to reap the true potential of your land!

From stand-alone homes to multi-unit developments,
our plans can make make the very most of your site.

The Windsor, one of a number of terraced house designs on offer from Ashcroft Homes

The Oxford plan is an ideal stand alone house for investors looking to maximise rental returns

The Beaumont plan has been designed for smaller sections & infill housing

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Book your FREE Ashcroft Site Evaluation Report

Find out if your land is suitable to build or subdivide

  • Ashcroft Homes will provide a free evaluation of one Auckland project address and provide advice on suitability for building, land development or subdivision
  • We can help you realise the development potential of your site and prepare a draft scheme plan showing how one or more of Ashcroft homes could potentially fit on your site
  • We’ll highlight any areas of concern that will require further investigation, for example the accessibility of the site to storm water and if the site is prone to flooding
  • We will confirm any compliance requirements as set by the Auckland Council

Points to note

Once registered, your voucher will be valid for 6 months. Please note evaluations are conducted are conducted on sections within the greater Auckland area and carried out by phone and email communications only.

All assistance provided will be made in good faith to the best of our ability, however you should seek professional advice before committing to any purchase or investment in the development of any property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Feasibility Assessment take?

We will make contact with you within 48 hours confirming that we have received your request and we will then allocate a New Home Consultant to complete your Site Feasibility investigation. The assessment will be undertaken remotely and will take approximately 5-7 business days to complete.

What is the Auckland Unitary Plan?

The Auckland Unitary Plan is the blueprint for Auckland’s future building development and replaces older legislation around what types of homes can be built on different land zones in Auckland. The plan which was developed in 2013 now allows for more intensive housing developments to be built in some areas of the city and replaces inconsistencies across 8 district councils to provide a global planning framework for Auckland’s merged super city.

Will there be additional charges for this report?

The Site Feasibility Report is free and there will be no additional charges for the Feasibility Report. However, the report recommendations are made in good faith and using the best available knowledge and ability. The report findings are not a guarantee of building feasibility and may not be able to give a complete picture of the costs of building without additional tests or further investigation. Should further investigation be required that may incur additional costs, these costs will be agreed in advance with the property owner prior to commencement.

Will I be able to learn about the full cost of building on my section?

Yes, should you wish to proceed to the next stage with Ashcroft Homes you will be asked to complete an Intent to Progress Form (ITP). This next stage enables Ashcroft to work much more closely with you to investigate in more detail the home that you would like to build and site associated issues and costs. Should you wish to find out more about this process please call 0800 377 5885 and one of our New Home Consultants would be happy to assist.

Do you assess sites outside of Auckland?

No sorry, not at this time. All Free Feasibility Investigations are only valid in the greater Auckland area.

Our Disclaimer

Any advice, recommendations, ideas, cost indications (relating to development or values) contained in the evaluation or otherwise communicated should not be treated as definitive, and should be verified by the client via relevant professionals before making any financial commitment. Ashcroft Homes accepts no liability for advice given other than specifically relating to a build or subdivisions contract should it be entered into.

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