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Cost Effective Building Solutions

Why are we more cost effective than other housing companies?

Building costs in New Zealand are far higher than other parts of the world. There are  numerous reasons for this but efficiency is a big factor. Our philosophy at Ashcroft Homes is to build smarter and more efficiently in an attempt to close this gap between here and  overseas. The following are some examples of how we achieve reduced pricing compared to  our competition:

1. We build our exclusive home plans only. These are designed, engineered, and detailed ready to build. There are numerous efficiencies that come with this including management of the build and supplier bulk purchasing.

2. Our homes are efficient. We use smarter design practise in all our exclusive designs to reduce unnecessary cost, this essentially means more house for your money, and more useable space and comfort in the house.

3. We are independent, not a franchise. Most group housing companies operate on a franchise system. Aside from each franchise being owned by different operators and the uncertainty that can come with that, those franchises have to pay franchise fees to head office. As an independent company you get this saving.

4. Our project management system is smarter. We have a custom built project management system that has been developed specifically for our construction model. This has been a huge investment but means our project managers are working much more efficiently.

5. Minimal overheads. Overheads are a cost to a business, but ultimately a cost to customers with prices factoring the costs in. We minimise overheads wherever possible without compromising our service to clients. An example of this is not operating show homes but instead showing you through homes that we have recently completed or are nearing completion.


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