Building Wealth Through Investment Property

Building an investment property

Building an investment property enables investors to essentially acquire a new property at wholesale rates. By removing the middle man from the supply chain whether that be a professional property developer or a real estate agent, considerable savings can be made when building. This provides investors with instant equity that may later be used as leverage to build further investment properties. With the demand for housing in New Zealand projected to be strong in the next 10-20 years, and more and more people choosing to live in Auckland, investing in property makes lots of sense.

Ashcroft Homes are specialists in building investment property. Our duplex and terraced house designs are ideal for optimising rental returns, making economical use of the land while delivering comfortable and contemporary living solutions. Whether you have land already, or are looking to purchase land to build an investment property, we can help.

Why build a Rental Property instead of purchasing an existing house?

New rental properties typically deliver:

  1. Higher demand from renters and less turnover of tenancies.
  2. Higher rental yields.
  3. Greater saleability in the future.
  4. Lower maintenance costs.
  5. Builder guarantee on workmanship and quality.
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