Building Wealth Through Investment Property

Looking to unlock greater rental revenue?
You might already hold the key.

If you haven’t maximised the potential of your existing rental properties, you could be missing out on potential rent. Auckland’s property shortage has created exciting opportunities for landlords, and now there’s an easy way to find out whether you could add a new home or two to your investment property.
Ashcroft’s specialised Property Development Consultants can remotely evaluate your site to reveal its true build potential. These reports are conducted online, free of charge and without obligation.
Discover what you could build on your rental property with a no-cost, no-obligation Site Evaluation Report.

Minimising Risks, Maximising Returns

With interest rates at a record low, now’s a great time to leverage the equity you’ve already built. Our experienced, qualified team understand the key factors that contribute to the success of property development and our approach and processes are structured around minimising risks and maximising returns. We help clients optimise the build potential of their land, and this, together with house plans which have been specifically designed with construction affordability in mind, maximise returns for landlords and property investors. This is why many property investors choose to build with Ashcroft Homes time and time again.

Property Development Made Easy

We are committed to helping our customers through the entire build journey from consents to construction.

Our in-house team of Planning and Subdivision specialists can help you negotiate the entire consenting and subdivision processes, and your appointed Project Manager will oversee the construction of your entire build project, providing you with just one point of contact for all construction matters.

And if you need help with funding, you may like to get in touch with Rocket Mortgages, a company that specialises in property development funding and has provided successful funding solutions for many Ashcroft clients.

Looking to build strong future income streams?

With interest rates at record lows, the build-to-rent opportunities have never been better. Auckland’s property shortage has created exciting opportunities for landlords. Government agencies are looking to private developers to assist with providing rental housing for their clients, offering long term leases and guaranteed payments, 52 weeks of the year.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help the Auckland housing shortage while expanding your own property portfolio, speak with an experienced Ashcroft Property Development Consultant today.

Why build a Rental Property instead of purchasing an existing house?

New rental properties typically deliver:

  1. Higher demand from renters and less turnover of tenancies.
  2. Higher rental yields.
  3. Greater saleability in the future.
  4. Lower maintenance costs.
  5. Builder guarantee on workmanship and quality.

House Plans Designed to Optimise Revenue

Ashcroft Homes are specialists in building investment property. Our duplex and terraced house designs are ideal for optimising rental returns, making economical use of the land while delivering comfortable, contemporary living solutions for tenants. Whether you have land already, or are looking to purchase land to build an investment property, we can help.

Why does building a new rental home typically deliver higher equity than purchasing an existing home?

Building a rental or investment property enables property investors to essentially acquire a new property at wholesale rates. By removing the middleman from the supply chain, whether that be a professional property developer or a real estate agent, considerable savings can be made when building. This provides investors with instant equity that may later be used as leverage to build further investment properties.

Property Development options